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Product Review: Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask

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Mondays! Love 'em or hate 'em, they'll still come and go... Haha!

I sometimes wish I'm left with nothing but me and my beloved computer (of course, my Internet connection), working on my backlogs in my tiny space at home which I call the bedroom...

Unfortunately for me, I got some responsibilities, too. TT__TT

Oh well! I guess it all boils down to time management... =D

Tonight, I shall be reviewing the...

Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask

What it claims... (From Shiseido Website)

     An original brightening mask inspired by iontophoresis, a beauty treatment that saturates skin with a generous amount of brightening ingredients. Through the power of Ion Force Technology, the brightening ingredients are absorbed deep within the skin for highly effective results. Remove the mask and see your skin refreshed, bright and even toned.
The unique shape of our mask is the result of a long and meticulous design process that led to its simple and effective form. Made with highly elastic new materials, it fits any face perfectly, allowing the formula to reach deeply into every part of the skin.

How to use:

     1. Carefully unfold the mask. Place the upper half over the forehead.
     2. Hold both sides of the bottom half of the mask. Adjust the fit along the jawline.
     3. Remove the mask after 10 minutes. Gently blend remaining essence into skin and lightly press over the entire face.

Click the photos to enlarge.

All soaked up! ^__^


After skin care routine application

While wearing the mask...

 See how moist the sheet mask is?

 This is me... at 3 in the morning... =D
Still drowsy but managed to take some photos for this post! Haha! =D


 Please ignore the puffy eyes!!! Hahaha!!! =D

Wow~! How my skin and marks lightened!!! ^__^

Those new marks were due to stress. Our helper left and I was very stressed since I'm left with most of the responsibilities at home. I was supposed to work on backlogs, eh! Naman, oh! >__<

This is how I look like very early in the morning... =D

Love it!!! ^__^

What I love about it...
  • The mask is thick than usual sheet masks! But... (see Neutral)
  • It is completely drenched in essence! I was able to use the essence after I am done with the mask.
  • The size of the mask was just right for my face. =)
  • Lightened the marks left on my face. It also evened-out my skin tone.
  • Felt so refreshing afterwards. I love how moist (not wet) my skin was after removing the mask. =)
  • No patches or marks of the mask was left on my skin. Some masks would leave marks that are obvious. =)
  • Not messy like clay or mud masks.
  • My skin was smoother and softer.
  • Redness was lessened.
  • Helped reduce the acne that were starting to rise.

What I don't love about it...
  • I don't have anything bad to say about this product (well, except for the price, haha!) but...

  • The instruction was to put it on for 10 minutes. Since the sheet is too thick and soaked in essence, I felt that 10 minutes is not enough for me to fully enjoy the benefits of the mask. What I did? I slept with the mask on my face! And it did nothing wrong to my face. I woke up at 3:00 in the morning, to find the mask still a bit damp and still clinging to my face. =D
  • Expensive but worth every single penny you spent for it. =)

I can't get enough of this mask. I'm glad it didn't do any harm (redness, itchiness, etc.) on my face when I left it on for hours. Teehee! =D


     Full size: 6 pcs for the price of P3,250. It would turn out that each mask would cost P541.66 each.

Where to buy?
    You can buy these at the following Shiseido stores: Greenbelt 5, Greenhills, Glorietta 4, Rockwell, Shangrila, Trinoma and Eastwood.

Whom would I recommend this to?
    Best for people who are in dire need of lightening their skin due to acne marks, people with uneven skin tone and for people who want to have fairer, and clearer complexion. Great to use if you want to relax, too! ^__^


5 out of 5
Worth every penny! ^__~

  • Just like with other sheet masks, you have to be sure that your face is clean. =)
  • Make sure that the mask is fitted well to your face. Flatten the surface to ensure that the mask touches your skin, avoiding air pockets between the mask and your skin. This will help the essence do its wonders on your face. =)
  • There will be excess essence left in the foil. Massage it in like the serum to reap its full benefits.
  • Works great with the Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + (Click link for Full Review).
  • Best if done regularly. *wink, wink* ^__~

I'm super satisfied with the results of the Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + and this Power Brightening Mask that I am saving up for these!

What are your thoughts about this product? Have you tried it? How did it fare on you? =)

Kudos to Sample Room for always bringing the best products to consumers to try! ^__^

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roviedear said...

This is definitely a nice product! I haven't tried any Shisheiro brand but I guess this one is really worth it :D The effect is nice on you.

For pimples I suggest find a nice toner to control it. I use ponds acne control to avoid/ control breakouts :D

angelamhiere said...

I agree! It's expensive but once you try it, it will make you change your mind! =)

My pimples have subsided na... hormonal issues. Buti I don't break out bad like before na. Dati kasi, the ones that would sprout hurt a lot. I'm allergic to Ponds, eh. I'll share my current skin care routine soon. =)

Thanks for dropping by! ^__^

MaryJane Tauyan said...

I love facemask! though my sister would love this because of the brightening effect! im not into brightening products hehe xx

angelamhiere said...

She should try it! Really worth the money! ^__^

Thanks for dropping by! <3

Nanay Blogs said...

Nice review, the before-after photo clearly shows the lightening effect. Shishiedo offers quality products, sort of pricey lang. :-)

angelamhiere said...

I agree! I'm glad I was able to try this through Sample Room. ^__^

k@ye said...

I just recently bought a set of the Shisheido white lucent skin care and I have yet to try them...They sure are on the pricey side so I don't think I would ever purchase their full size products. hihihi! Would you do a follow up review on this? I bought this shisheido line actually to help fade scars ...it looks like it's working on your skin.

angelamhiere said...

They sure are pricey! That's why I would still have to save up for the full-sized set... Haha! But I am glad I was able to try this awesome product through Sample Room. ^__^

Regarding acne scars, it does help reduce them! If it weren't for the price, I would be able to convince the hubby to constantly buy me this set. I think it would completely fade acne scars with continued use. ^__^

As you can see, the acne scars I had have lightened already. Sure, I will write a follow up post on this, but only showing my skin's condition after using the trial set. =)

Thank you for dropping by! ^__^

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I've never really tried any lightening products before as I love getting sun kissed. But maybe after the summer is over, I will. Thanks for this great review! :)

angelamhiere said...

This is great for people who have stubborn acne marks, dark spots and uneven skin tone. =)

Try it and do link me up for your own experience! ^__^

Thanks a lot for visiting. I appreciate it so much! <3<3<3

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