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Looking Back on my New Years Projects (Resolutions) for 2012

Hi there! Glad to be back! I will still be busy in the coming days but I will do my best to update my blog. This teacher application is eating up a lot of my time but I know it will be so worth it in the end. 

I'm just going to check if I was able to fulfill my so-called "Projects" from last year... Come with me and let's look back if I have improved... =D

1. Be a better person. Be a better wife in particular. A better teacher. Never fail to improve all aspects of life as much as possible.

I can't tell if I became a better person, but I tried. =D
As a wife, I did my best to fulfill my duties. You know, the usual... cleaning and perking up our tiny space, preparing hubby's clothes, ironing his clothes, waking up in the morning to help him prepare for work. Washing the clothes and cooking is out of the picture. Those are the helper's tasks. Hihihi... I tried to cook once in a while, that is, when I have the time. =D

What do you think, hubby? What is your evaluation? Hehehe...

2. Be more productive. Quit playing Facebook games. They don't do anything good. Blogging is better than playing games. I'll try to blog more often this year… ^__^

I was successful in quitting Facebook games! Yay! I'm proud to say that for 2012, I had a total of 133 posts, as compared to when I started, 2010, I only had 78 posts, while last 2011, I had only 51 posts. =D
I am hoping that I'd get to blog more and more this year. ^__^

3. Start writing product reviews. Trying out products and writing about them would help other people learn about my own experiences about a certain product. Nowadays, reviews contribute a lot in a consumer's decision whether to get a product or not.

Check! I may have not written a lot of reviews but I can proudly say that I worked hard on each review I made. I am OC. I always want to see to it that I got everything covered and documented - at least! =D 
That OC-ness won me an award from Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals. It was my very first award as a blogger. Will write about it soon. ^__^
Curious about what that review is? Click here. ^__^

4. Learn new things. Learn to cook, sew, play the piano, make new crafts and more. Never miss a chance to learn something new. More importantly, learn new ways on how to be a better wife and teacher.  =)

Hmmm... Let me recall what I learned... Well... I learned a few things about making collages and fancy invitations using Photoshop. I also tried to use some animated gif files on some of my blog posts. I'm glad I was able to learn a lot of things last year. If I name all of them, this blog post would become so lengthy! Hahaha! =D

5. Revamp closet. Time to ditch the old stuff in my closet! =D

I was able to ditch SOME of the unused clothes that has been laying in my cabinet for a long time. I was able to buy a few pieces to replace the old ones. ^__^
Now that I am preparing for the "world" (of teaching in a classroom setup), I need to invest in more clothes, shoes, bags and accessories! (Thinking about it excites me a lot!!! Hahaha! Jagi, prepare!!! Bwahahaha!) =D

6. Try to be more healthy. Health is important, especially if I really want to be a mom soon. =)

Uhmmm... Big X! Hahaha! I wanted to workout but I was too busy. =D
Maybe this year... Anyway, I have started a kind of an exercise. Baby steps... Baby steps... =D

7. Be more vain. There is a notion that women tend to lose themselves because of tiring housework. Add up the stressing career of teaching. I want to break that kind of mentality. I don't want other people to think that I have neglected myself ever since I got married; which explains the reason why I want to always look good when I go out - even when I'm only going to Divisoria (a local market in Manila).

Big check! It was a success! I did my best to see to it that I swipe a lippie or powder up when going out.
This year, my goal would be a blemish free skin, so I won't need to wear "too much" makeup. ^__^

8. Make use of skills. If there's a chance, I'll use my makeup skills to earn. Why not, right? =D

So-so. I was able to practice my skills for FREE. But I'm glad because my "victims" were contented with the outcome. Nevertheless, I felt satisfied to see them with their happy, pretty faces. ^__^

9. Buy and Read more books. I'm a teacher. I need to invest in more books. Not just books of my specialization, but books of other categories as well. =)

Buy books: YES. Read: A LITTLE
I spent time reading articles (and blogs) online. And downloaded the infamous Fifty Shades Trilogy (Yes, yes, I read them.) out of curiosity. I wouldn't have read it if not my Aunt recommended me to do so. She only wanted me to have an idea of what the book was about. I cringed when she gave me a hint that it is "not what any normal couples do". So, like what a English Major who has a background in Literature (naks!), would do, I read it and critiqued it in my mind. I wanted to write about it but I changed my mind. Oh well, maybe I could still make a review on it next time. =D

10. Drink more water. Gotta stay rehydrated for that clear skin as well as clean internal system… ^__~

Triple check! ^__^
In fact, I got so giddy when we got a pitcher set during our traditional exchange gift last New Year's Eve! =D

11. Give blog a make-over. Yep! New Year, New look!  I'll try to give my hand a try in making my own blog designs. Photoshop noob here! Hahaha! *^__^*

Blog makeover? Well, I made a few changes. I changed the background and header. Same with my Tumblr blog. I hope this year, I get to learn more about HTML (Calling, calling Brother-in-law... Teach me or lend me a book, please! =D) More time, also!!! ^__^
Things I need to learn more for the sake of my blog: HTML, Photoshop layout and new blogging techniques... ^__^

There... I still have not thought well of my 2013 Projects. I'll reflect and jot them down later. 

Did you look back to your 2012 New Years Resolutions? How many have you accomplished? ^__^

The coming days and probably months would be extremely busy for me. Stay with me, please? =)

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