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Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals' 1st Anniversary and Product Launch

January 12, 2013. It was a fantastic night. A night to remember... Let me share with you the details... ^__^

Before the launch, hubby and I had to attend our college department's alumni meeting. I kept checking the clock because I want to fly from Manila to Makati soon after the meeting. I wouldn't want to get late on this event. =D

FOTD 011213: K-Pop Superstar!

I thought of wearing a K-Pop-ish makeup look since I was supposed to wear something simple. I planned of wearing my three-year-old dark blue Venus-cut dress from Tomato. Every time there's a special event like this, I always end up pulling that dress in my closet. Then, I'd say "Gosh! I need to invest in more clothes!!!" =D

Our meeting finished at 6:30 pm. I was starting to panic because (1.) I haven't changed my clothes yet; (2) We are unfamiliar with the place - we don't usually go to Makati. and more importantly, (3) I didn't want to get late!

Unfortunately for us, the cab driver was also unfamiliar with Makati. So, we had to rely on the Google Map that I screen capped that morning. Good thing, one of my hubby's friends (who he invited to join him while waiting for me) knew a bit of the place. =D

We learned then that the venue, Palladium Club, New World Hotel was located just beside GREENBELT 3! >__<

Soon as I got off the cab, I saw a group of pretty ladies at the door, and it happened to be Ms. Shen, Ariann and Hazel. Before heading the entrance, I asked the hubby and our friends if my attire fits the "Dress to Impress" dress code and they said, "Hello! You look just fine!" =D

I mustered enough courage to say "Hi!" to Ms. Shen, one of the bloggers that I admire a lot. I didn't want to miss this chance, just like I did during the Etude House event. Surprisingly, she recognized me and exclaimed, "You're so pretty!", which made me blush! Hahaha! Now, that left me shaking on my way down to the club! Teehee!!! =D

Now let's see what happened next...

I was actually looking for Ms. Dee, of Skye Avenue (remember my post here?). We had a conversation the previous night that we'll meet at the event. Then all of a sudden, Dawn, came up to me to say "Hi!". ^__^

I told myself. Wow. This is going to be a really fun night... ^__^

I was surrounded by nice, beautiful people... I didn't feel out-of-place at all. ^__^

From left: Ariann, Sam, Dawn, Hazel and Ms. Shen

Me and the pretty bloggers

It was surprising how Ms. Shen, a top blogger, is so fun to be with. She made me feel very comfortable and it was as if we were close friends as we chitchat over plenty of interesting things. ^__^

Before the show started, Ms. Katrina Chua, the young and gorgeous owner of Krave went to our table to welcome us. 

Photo grabbed from Krave's FB Page

At around 9pm, the show started...

A song to entertain us...

Krave was only a year old but it has come a long way already. It has been featured in TV shows as well in print media. No wonder, because their products really deliver. I could attest to that! ^__^

At a young age of 24, Ms. Katrina has already been showered with bountiful of blessings - a growing international beauty brand, a budding career and a beautiful family. She is an epitome of a modern woman: young, smart and successful. I admire her. She's all beauty and brains. ^__^

A dark and blurry FOTN? Hihi...

Gorgeous models with their before photos.

A little later, they have given awards to some people. I was surprised because I was one of the top three bloggers for Krave! Imagine... my first event + my first blogger award = super, super, super happy!!! ^__^

I just got shy to come in front to be recognized... =D

" post, click here. Haha!>

Time for the launch of new products! ^__^

Before the program started, Ms. Kat gave us a little idea on what's gonna be new with Krave cosmetics. She said that Krave will be BOLDER this year! ^__^

Krave's Mineral Makeup and Organic Skin Care

  Wow! The packaging has changed! So sleek and sophisticated!

They already have HD makeup. A must try for those who love both makeup and photography, like me! =D

New and repackaged Skin Care Line

I love the new "sosyal" packaging of both makeup and skin care!

The bubbly host (Sorry, I didn't get his name...), good-looking Mr. Manuel Chua and the stunning Ms. Kat

The host introduced Mr. Manuel Chua, one of the former participants of the Pinoy X-Factor aired in ABS-CBN. I also learned that he's a talent in the said station. =)

Ms. Kat and her glorious babies

Group shot with beauty bloggers

Me and Ms. Shen - pardon the white, ghost face of moi... BB Cream issues! =D

I will have this photo framed! Haha! Thank you, Ms. Shen!!! (Sorry, I can't remove the "Ms." title... It's one of my ways of showing respect and admiration...) ^__^

More bloggers!
Left to Right: Ms. Shen, Say, Mark (Say's boyfriend), Ms. Char's hubby, Ms. Char, Hazel and I

I also gathered a lot of courage in saying "Hi" to other bloggers that were present in the party. Yeah, that's how shy I am! =D

Finally got to meet the lovely Ms. Char, whom I had a conversation in Twitter a day prior to the event.

Say and I

Photobooth moment with gorgeous beauty bloggers

I went home happily at 10pm. I had to go home early because hubby and I had to attend the church service in the morning.

Krave GC worth P1000

Bloggers were gifted with gift certificates worth P1000. It's good, because we are given the chance to choose the products that we want to try (actually, it's difficult to choose! Their products are promising!!! =D).

On the other hand, I wish they handed us press kits. It would be easier for us to learn and share more about the accomplishments of Krave. ^__^

When we arrived home, guess who missed us? 

Cam-whore with Izza

I'm so honored to be invited in this fun event. It was my first time to be invited with the title "blogger" and I can say my first time was AWESOME! Thank you, Ms. Kat for inviting me! It was indeed a night to remember! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my Krave experience! ^__^

For more information about Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals, visit the following links below:

Have you tried using products from Krave? How did it fare on you? ^__^

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Pinaywriter said...

CONGRATULATIONS!~ Ang saya when you win an award and go up the stage to get it. Believe me it's bound to happen again! Just keep writing easy to follow and no-nonsense blog entries. It's also good to know that you can make a non-make-up person like me understand how to use a product. I actually did reviews for a living before and you did yours very well this kind of entries are paid for per word in some places, don't you know? So them rewarding you for an excellent job is just apt. I really want to get my hands on that blackheads removing serum...tsss.

angelamhiere said...

Thanks, Sam!!! I never thought that I would come to this! Remember, I only started this blog as a hobby? To kill time...? My hard work paid off! I'm glad I was able to show people how that product worked. It made me proud about the fact that when I work on something, I put my heart and soul into it. ^__^

If you want to, I can help you get your hands on that serum. ^__~

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