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Fairy Tale Wedding Memories (Part 1)

September 30, 2011.

A very important day in my entire life. This was the day that my life has changed forever...

It was the day I got married.

Let me share what I remember about the big day...

The day before: September 29th

I got my nails done in the afternoon and went to church with some of my entourage in the evening. Actually, it was the first English service that we had in our church. After the worship service, we had a quick dry run on what we should do the next day. =)

Honestly, there were a lot of stuff to do that evening and I went to my room at around 12am. I think I fell asleep an hour after that. =D

The next morning, I woke up the two bridesmaids - my younger sister and my husband's younger cousin - sleeping next to me. Yes. I didn't have the chance to sleep alone on my last night as a single woman. Hahaha!I had to share my room with them since we had to accommodate my other hubby's relatives. We had a little chitchat about some stuff but I had to resist talking with them. I HAVE TO GET MY BEAUTY REST! I told them that we have to get some sleep because we all have to get up early since we had to go early to the hotel to check in.

The big day: September 30th

I wasn't able to sleep well that night. I woke up just before my alarm rang. I gave my girls a nudge each and told them to take a shower early. I decided to snuggle in bed for a little while. Then I got up and fixed other stuff that I'll need in the hotel. I decided to bring Hyun-Ae (My lappie) along. I was so sleepy that I tried to sleep in the van. However, I couldn't. It was actually traffic that day, so we had to reroute.

A real princess should stay in a palace... ^__~

As soon as we got to the hotel and checked in, we unpacked the things needed. My makeup stash was used for a couple of my bridesmaids. Three of my bridesmaids hired the services of my makeup artist's co-artists.

This is my husband's aunt... Yes! She's still young... and so pretty! I love her facial features! =)

Then, the magic begins...

My makeup artist giving me the finishing touch...

When my dad arrived, he had a little chat with the others and stayed beside me while the makeup artist did wonders on my face. He was holding my hand and at times, he rested on my shoulders. I noticed that he was wiping his tears. My dad was telling me that I'll be leaving him behind. I'm trying to stop him from crying by saying, "Pa, I'll be around. I'm not gonna be sentenced to death! Hahaha! You can call me anytime and we'll see each other often..."

My emo dad... More emo than my mom on my wedding day! =D

Then, things came falling into place... =D

Some of my favorite shots... Thanks to Kuya Geri, my HMUA... ^__^

Kuya Geri did a fantastic job. How could he not? He used to work in GMA-7 and as far as I could recall, his last project was Moms, in News TV Channel 11. Not very sure, though... I'll ask the hubby for confirmation... =D 

Gyah! My memory is failing me!!! TT__TT

My "Maja Salvador-ish" shot... 

I got lots of comments that I look like her... It wasn't the first time I heard comments like that. People also used to tell me that I look like Roxanne Barcello. Is it true? =D

On to my groom...

He looked dashing that day!!! ^__^

Thank you to Tita Melda, my hubby's aunt, for sewing my dream gown as well as my female entourage's gowns (including my mom-in-law's)... Everything is so lovely!!! ^__^

With my lovely parents... =)

On our way to church... Riding our car for the day, a  classy white Mercedes Benz...

This is part 1 of my wedding story... =)

Part 2 would be about the ceremony... ^__^

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Chrissy said...

Congratulations on the wedding! You looked gorgeous!

Kath said...

Yay, pretty bride :) Love the makeup di halata wala kang tulog.

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! ^__^

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! ^__^

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