Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm a Leo!: A Super Overdue Post! =D

I'm not sure if any of my readers knew that I celebrated my birthday last month. Well, except for the bee-yoo-tee-ful Bee... =D

Before I review the Flawless Skin Care Kit I mentioned in my last post, let me share what went through during my super busy birthday month... before this super busy month of September ends! Hahaha! =D

 I got this a few days before my birthday. Inside is a Yakson House Magazine! Thank you, Yakson House! ^__^

August 18th. There was an event at our school and my hubby's aunt's niece (gets? =D) asked me to make her pretty for their school presentation. They wore Filipiniana clothes and strut their stuff in the catwalk! How cool, right? I actually like their professor's idea. It makes students embrace our rich Filipino culture. ^__^

 This is her before photo. Sorry if the picture is not good. We were in a hurry and she's conscious. She's not used to these kinds of stuff. =D

This is her after photo. I used shimmery earth tones and smoked it out. I want to give her a modern Maria Clara look. Naks! What do you think? 

My only problem with her was, her skin was oily and she perspire a lot. I learned that her makeup stayed intact but she had to wash it off after the fashion show because aside from being conscious, her liner started to bleed already. To think that I used waterproof liner and mascara and sealed every thing!

Anyways, after that, we had a sumptuous lunch to celebrate my birthday. My mom-in-law and hubby cooked lots of viands for us to share! =D

Yummy!!! ^__^

The family's infamous sweet and buttered chicken! ^__^

Pork Steak galore!

Paksiw na Bangus... ^__^

I think only beef dish is the one missing... We don't normally have beef dishes at home because the mother-in-law can't eat it. She's not allowed to consume beef after having cancer. Even until now that she's cancer-free, she's steering away from it. So, when hubby and I dine out, I prefer having beef dishes. =D

In the middle of our meal, I received a tube of Encara BB Cream from Ms. Aila! I also received a text message from Mary and Maria Boutique, that I won the Escada Fragrance Set from their Freebie Fridays! I was actually the first winner!!! OMG!!!! ^__^

That night, I went to church and met up with Bee. She brought me what hubby ordered from her. She also surprised me with a pair of really lovely shoes!!! Clever Bee, she remembered my shoe size from our Facebook chitchats!!!

Lovely and wild rolled in one! =D

Bee, can you read minds or, are you just good at remembering? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wedges!!! ^__^

We went to Yellow Cab Lacson and chatted the night away! If only we could talk for a long time! I had fun that night and I am glad to finally meet you. You're really BEE-yoo-tee-ful!!! ^__^

August 19th. My birthday! Hubby and I went grocery shopping at SaveMore. He cooked spaghetti and his own version of Bonchon chicken. Yum! ^__^

Cerelac? Huh? That's not mine! It's for the little man at home! Hahaha!

Oooh... so plenty of cold cuts!!! =D

Hubby's spaghetti and Fried Chicken! I'm really lucky to have a husband who knows how to cook!!! ^__^

While I was savoring my meal and watching Disney's Atlantis on Fox Movies, sitting in a corner like a little child, my hubby's grandfather called me and told me that someone looks for me. I was not expecting anyone that day, so, I was really surprised. Can you guess who it was?

It was Dawn of the Peachy Pink Sisters!!! ^__^

I was truly surprised as I was only wearing pambahay, shabby clothes and I wasn't even wearing any trace of makeup. (Yeah, looking bland on my birthday! Hahaha!!!) I quickly recognized her from the other end of our hallway and I immediately felt breathless!!! =D

She personally dropped by our house to deliver the prizes I won from their Blog Anniversary giveaway! It was so touching and special for me!!! ^__^

I invited her inside but she was having a date with her brother to the all new Robinsons's Magnolia (which I've never visited yet). When she left, I felt so giddy and oh so kilig while staring at the package!!! I was actually smiling from ear to ear!!! =D

Yeah, yeah, I am such a sentimental person! Hahaha!!!

Here are some of the stuff I got that week...

Le Faerie Cosmetics 180 Color Super Palette from hubby courtesy of Bee
Inti-Mate Bra Converter from Ms. Sophie of Beauty and Minerals
Encara BB Cream from Ms. Aila Apollo

Escada Fragrance Set from Mary and Maria Boutique

I still can't get over this!!! I was not expecting the hubby to buy me this SUPER PALETTE!!! ^__^

Thanks, Jagi! I am such a lucky wife!!! ^__^

I'll do separate posts on these soon. ^__^

I may have not received all the things from my birthday wishlist, I'm still thankful for all the good (and even bad) things that went my way. ^__^

To sum it up, August was a blast for me! I thank God for the life he has given me. And I am very happy that I am still alive until this moment. Yes, I shall be facing many trials and challenges in the future but I am sure that God has great plans for me despite those hardships.

Thank you, my family, friends and most especially to my loving husband! Of course, thank you, dear readers! You all make my life worthwhile! ^__^

I hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great day!!! ^__^

Just for fun... Can anyone guess my age? Teehee!!! =D

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DAWN said...

Hiiiiii!!! Sorry if I dropped by without notice. I was actually just planning to give it to whoever answers the door (Ala JRS/Air21 lang) haha. Pero good-timing din pala ako. It's like an extra gift for your birthday! Glad to know August was a blast for you! :D

angelamhiere said...

Hahaha! It's okay! Parang reality show nga, eh! Hahaha!!! =D

Thanks for the short visit! I wish we could meet again soon! ^__^

MaryJane Tauyan said...

belated hapy bday deary! sound like you really had a blast! lucky you! nice make up kits and shoes too! all the foods looks delicious! xx

angelamhiere said...

Yep! Thanks for the greetings!!! Yeah, the foods wer really delish!!! ^__^

Kath said...

Belated Happy birthday! You're lucky kasi pinagluluto ka ni hubby mo bihira na yung ganyan sa panahon ngayon. Congrats din for the winning and I hope you really enjoyed your birth month


angelamhiere said...

Thanks, Kath! Yep! Swerte ko kay hubby... hehehe... =D

Thanks for the greetings!!! ^__^

roviedear said...

i wouldn't know your age cause you seem so young and vibrant :) cute photo with the glasses :)

Dress up & Make up on The Bargain Doll's SM GTW Giveaway!:)

angelamhiere said...

Oh thanks! I guess I'll take that as a compliment! =D

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