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Fairy Tale Wedding Memories (Part 2)

On our way to church, we were caught in a little traffic jam due to a fire.

See the huge smoke?

We had to reroute to avoid getting late for the ceremony. We want everything to start on the dot. Surprisingly, my parents and I arrived first before my groom and his family. The people were starting to worry because my groom hasn't arrived yet. I stayed in the car and waited for their arrival. My mom even started making jokes like, "Why? Did he run away? It's okay, we'll take our girl home!", which, I laughed at. I knew how much hubby loves me and wouldn't run away. =D

Knowing how terrible the traffic was, they arrived about 15 minutes late. I saw my mom-in-law and wedding coordinator get busy distributing the flowers to the entourage. I know that everyone's excited to see me, with their attempts to get a glimpse of me through the tinted windows of our bridal car. My mom accompanies me inside while my dad got me a bottle of water. I even saw my groom pass by the car, looking so handsome in his cream suit.

A few moments later, they gave us a signal to get off the car. As I walk towards the center of the aisle, waiting for my turn, I saw the people give me astounded stares. I got a little bit conscious, because it was one of the few moments of my life wherein I got the attention of many people. Taking a deep breath, I took my first step to meet my groom. I tried my best not to trip over my heels, avoiding the hem of my wedding gown.

I smiled my sweetest smile, and one shy smile when my mom-in-law's friend mouthed, "Ang ganda ganda mo!" ("You're so beautiful!"). =D

My groom, waiting for me...

Groom, why so serious? =D

If you'll see the other photos (and our wedding video) of me during the first part of the ceremony, you'll notice that I don't look stern. It's because I was experiencing a difficulty in breathing at that moment. I guess I was tensed... =D

I didn't bother telling it to my groom or my bridesmaid, as I don't want to ruin the solemness of the ceremony. Good thing, it went away in the middle of the ceremony. =)

 During the ceremony... 

...our photographer is working his magic... ^__^

 Our vows...

I love this shot... One of my favorite shots... ^__^

Amazing top shot...

The last two photos were taken while we were exchanging our vows to one another...

And it's now time for the kiss...

We were all laughing because all eyes are on us. We are not used to this. =D

Plus, the Officiating Minister was funny! He looked serious but when this part came, he became goofy! XD

 See? =D

The kiss... =D

The minister told made us do the kiss a few times. They were so amused at our shy reaction. =D

Signing our marriage contract...

 Newly weds! ^__^

  Handing me a copy of the contract... and taking it back because it needs to be registered. =D

Happy couple!

With my parents and in-laws

With my family

My husband's family

In all fairness, the photographer had to take an aerial shot because of the number of my hubby's relatives. truth is, not all of them was able to attend!!! I think this is not even half of them! =D

Soon as the photos with the family, relatives and visitors at church was over, we proceeded to our couple shots.

I think, this was the one my mom used for our feature in Manila Standard. My mom works there in the advertising department. =)

One of the lovely shots taken at the... can you guess? Yes! Staircase! =D

I love how the photographer used the iron railings as frame...=)

So there you have the second installment of my Wedding Memories Series... You can check out the first one here:

Please stay tuned to my coming posts. I shall start working on my backlogs, too. I've been busy last August and September and all my backlogs are all piled up!

I hope you're having a great day! ^__^

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earthlingorgeous said...

I love your candid shot! You are such a pretty bride ! Thanks for leaving a comment at my parents epic wedding!

angelamhiere said...

Ms. @Earth! Thanks! ^__^

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