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Fairy Tale Wedding Memories (Part 3)

Annyeong! ^__^

I'm back with the third part of my Wedding Memories Series! For the fourth part, I think I shall be talking about my suppliers and whatnots. So if you are getting married or you have any wedding queries, shoot it up and I will try my best to answer it. ^__^

So, after the wedding ceremony and post-ceremony photo shoot, we braved the traffic jam of a Friday night going to West Avenue for the reception. Yay! Dinner time! I can't forget how hubby and I are whispering to each other about food, and how hungry we both were. In between takes, one of us would ask "Isn't it over yet? I'm starving!" to which, the other one agrees! =D

Thanks to our driver, we got to Shangri-la Restaurant in just a few minutes. Unfortunately for some of the guests, they were stuck in the traffic jam (Yeah! Friday night! Gimmick night to most people! =D) and caught in the light rain. We also had to wait for the other members of the entourage, especially my sister, who's my maid of honor. All of the secondary sponsors are already lined up with us waiting for the cue but she still hasn't arrived. I learned that she accompanied our sister to our house, which is only a few walks away from the church to get a decent attire as she was only wearing jeans. To worsen the situation, she didn't find any dress that would fit her post-pregnancy body. Besides, the one that she was supposed to wear was in the van with my in-laws, as we were expecting her to follow us in the hotel the morning before the wedding. -__-

So, while waiting for the others, we took a few photos in the entrance of Shangri-la, in front of the golden dragon. Yeah, I have removed the shrug from my gown! ^__^

Here's my complete entourage, waiting for the programme to start. ^__^

Guests were shown an AVP before our entrance...

Our wedding AVP, courtesy of our wedding coordinator...

Waiting for our turn with our grumbling tummies... =D

Yay! Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Manalata! ^__^

Oh this photo is so cute, seeing our big smiles! =D

 The look of love in our eyes... Snap! It's like a scene in my all-time favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast!!! ^__^

Photo screen capture from Youtube

Me singing a song for the hubby... a surprise!

Hubby was so surprised when the emcee announced that the bride (me) has a special song for the hubby. He had no idea that I prepared something for him, as he knew how rattled I am between preparing for the wedding, contacting people and organizing stuff before the big day and of course, my job. Do you know that  I took my leave only two days before the big day? Thursday (Sept. 29th) for my mani-pedi stuff and the rehearsals and Friday, the big day (Sept. 30th)! The next week, we immediately went back to work. So, technically, hubby and I have not had our honeymoon until this very day! =D

For those who were curious to what I sang for the hubby, click on the video below... Warning, though... I am not a good singer. Just a frustrated one! =D

The song I surprised my groom with... =D

I felt so shy after the song! But I am glad I was able to pull it off, and I was able to surprise hubby (and everyone)! =D

We started with the cake cutting and the other traditional wedding stuff...

Cutting the cake... oh! the fondant gave us a tough time! =D

The toast, led by the Best Man, hubby's only brother... I must say, the champagne is a tad too sweet for my taste!

Chocolate Fountain! I think, this was done in the middle of our meal...

...And each ended with a kiss! =D

Time to get that garter! =D

Hubby and the boys... looking for the next potential groom, eh? =D

Me and my little sister-in-law playing while they are on the garter thingy... Little Izza likes the sparkly things on my dress... I want to carry her but our gems and beads would get tangled to each of our gowns...

My turn! Only a few girls participated in the flower tossing game...

The lucky couple! FYI: They are couples in real life! Teehee! Destiny?

Kiss!!! =D

These lovebirds are our friends. The gorgeous lady is hubby's close friend and batchmate in college. Eventually, the three of us became officemates in our former company. Friends forever? =)

Time to dance with dad... Taken at different angles because I was trying to avoid the cameras! =D

All throughout the ceremony, I was able to hold back my tears. I don't know... maybe I was just too caught up with mixed emotions - excitement, disbelief (Yes, I can't believe that I was being married that day! It took me days before it sank into me! Hahaha! It's like a dream come true...), joy... and many other emotions mixed up in a salad bowl! Hahaha! When the moment came for Papa and I to dance, I just bursted to tears and thanked him for being there with my mom. My mom and I had been separated since I was eight years old. It took me a big amount of courage and I had to really convince my mom to be there, on my special day. All the convincing (and arguments - Yes! We argued about petty stuff...) worked! Hahaha!

I cried because of many things. I am glad to see him and mom there. I am happy that this special occasion has brought my family together... I am happy because despite of all the ugly things that happened to our family, they still attended and greeted each other civilly. I had a lot of things to thank my mom and dad. First, my life. I knew that when they got married, they loved one another so much. And because of that love, I came into this world. I am thankful that despite the fact that they've gone their own ways, it has given me the reason to move on with my own life and strive harder to achieve my dreams. Without them, I won't be the Angel that you all know. Sorry for being emo, but at this moment, as I write this, tears are welling in my eyes.  I hope they won't fall, my student would notice! Hahaha!

I miss them so much. Memories of my wedding reminds me of them. =)

Because MIL is MIA, hubby danced with my mom instead... =D

My Mother-in-law was missing in action at this part of the programme because she was looking for my father-in-law, who is also MIA at the same time. Hahaha! We learned that dad-in-law had a smoking sesh with his cousin, one of our Principal Sponsors. >__<

Papa handing me to Hubby...

I don't know why, but he looked funny in this photo! Hahaha! It's as if he's scheming a plan... XD

 Ohhh... Sorry, but I really think he's so dashing here! =D



Yeah! =D

Can anyone guess what song was played for our first dance? =D

It was indeed a magical day for me and the hubby. Although it was tiring, and we went back to the hotel hungry, we are both glad that we can finally live happily ever after... ^__^

Happy couple

That's how my wedding day went... I hope you had fun reading it!

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How about you? How was your wedding? Or, if you're not married, what's your dream wedding? Share it below! I would love to hear your stories! ^__^

Would you like me to make a post on my wedding suppliers? If anyone's interested, just send me a message! ^__^

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Andy Cuevas said...

Beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing it Angel :)It's indeed a fairytale like what you've told on Mikki Galang's blog :)


angelamhiere said...

Oh thank you, dear! ^__^

I think a story is best told when it comes from the heart... ^__^

I'm glad you enjoyed reading! About my song, sowee! I had to hurt your ears! Hahaha!!! =D

Thanks again! ^__^

Eunice said...

I was smiling the whole time I was reading this. The way you leaned on his chest is so sweet. *Sigh* I just love how magical weddings are. You're beautifully radiant too! Just like Belle. :)

Chrissy said...

You are so lucky. Congratulations!!

angelamhiere said...

Thank you! I'm glad I made you smile... ^__^

angelamhiere said...

I could say so! Thanks! ^__^

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i only read this now & thank you so much for sharing your joyous moments with us.
im not yet married but i sure hope that i will be as happy as u were the day when i will marry din.
you both look so happy!

i wish you both the best that life has to offer

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! I will also hope for the best for you and your future husband. =)

Mikki said...

love this!

Mikki said...

Love this!

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