Friday, April 01, 2011

30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 01

Yay! First day of April and a fresh post up! ^__^
April 1st. This post isn't a joke. I actually wasn't able to pull any kind of prank on anyone, even my boyfriend. Not that I can't, but I am a legendary prankster than him... Hahaha!!! I just didn't feel like doing so and of course, I wouldn't think of doing it to my students as well. XD
Well anyway, I've been planning to make a 30-day blog challenge for a few months now. Problem was, I really can't find the time to do so because I am focused on taking care of the house and the baby and most importantly, my job. Now that Izza is already 4 months old, and our former nanny (the first one I used to rant about - which is, by the way, a lot better than the others) is coming back, I guess I would be a little bit free to do some things. ^__^ Ah! It feels so good to sit on my little bed and hear the clicking of the keys on my keyboard. My eyes are a little bit puffy and feels sleepy already, but, I really want to keep my blog. It's one of my aims this year: to do my best to keep blogging. Besides, it's another way to let you know things about me. =)
So, what's the first question for today? It's...
Day 01 — Your favorite song
Hmmm... I cannot say exactly what my favorite song is. Let me think about it first. While I am at it, let me tell you that I am a music lover. I love Disney songs, love songs, pop songs, upbeat songs and even rock songs.
Let's see...
As of this very moment, I could think of a lot of songs. "Beauty and the Beast" is a classic, since it had been a very big part of my childhood... Same as "Part of Your World" and "A Whole New World" that both rhyme. =D I used to listen to my mom's old cassette tapes of George Canseco Songs like "Ngayon at Kaylanman" and "Ikaw", which, at the tender age of 6, I swore upon the cassette player that I wanted it to be sung on my wedding. =D
As of now, I usually listen to K-Pop songs. Songs from 2NE1, Orange Caramel, IU, SNSD, Miss A, and a lot more are dominating my laptop's hard drive.
My New Favorite! XD
Now... Let's pick which of them I love the most...
Yes. It's childish but it says a lot. I am like most of Disney's heroines - always wanting to find "something out there"... ^__^
That's about it on day 1 of the challenge. I hope to accomplish everything by the end of the month! Next challenge in line for the month of May is a "Beauty Tag". Stay tuned to it!
I am online most of the time and if you want to ask a question, you can tweet me or comment here. ^__^
Have a great weekend, everyone! ^__^
PS: I am in the hunt for wedding songs and music. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! ^__^
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