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30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 08-15

Hi people! I'm back! Sowee, I am starting to get busy with the wedding preps!
So, let me answer the questions real quick!
Day 08: A Photo that Makes You Sad or Angry
Poverty - it makes me extremely sad. Children can't go to school, can't eat enough, wear nice and comfortable clothes; Parents can't give what their children want and need, even if they want to. Poor people doesn't even have decent homes to live in. You see poverty everywhere. Sometimes, I secretly cry for other people's plight. I also feel sad because sometimes, as much as I wanted to help, I can't because I have enough. In the future, once I'm already settled, I will make a way to help our poor fellowmen. (Oh no! I'm teary-eyed now!)
Day 09: A Photo You Took
Excuse the under eye bags, I had been stressed before this pic was taken, and... I have been skipping my Garnier Under Eye Roll-on and Eye Cream that time... =D
I took this a couple of weeks ago, a few minutes before Honey and I went to Recto to look for wedding invitations. I chose this photo because he keeps telling me that he loves the way I smiled here. Actually, I was laughing at him when I took this picture. One of our flower girls slept in our place for a couple of nights and she loved putting on make-up. (Take note! She retouched my make-up here. She's good! And she's only five years old! =D) What made me laugh is that when she retouched my make-up, she was very careful, but when she put powder on Honey's face, she was wiping the sponge on his face in a tough way! Hahaha! XD
Day 10: A Photo of You Taken Over Ten Years Ago
Teehee! This was taken when I was in my Junior High School. This is my favorite School ID pic - the most decent I have! Hahaha! I only had to take a snapshot of it as I don't have a scanner. Hmmm... let me see... This was in year 2000. I was turning sweet (?) 16 at this time. Hehehe... Third year high school was very memorable to me because it's when I fell for my first true love. And that's the end of it, as well. But thanks to him, although it took me years to get over him, I learned to be patient in waiting for the right one. =)
Day 11: A Photo of You Taken Recently
I super love this pic. Make-up less face. I was only wearing moisturizers here. This is what I am really aiming for - soft, clear skin. My use of make-up lessened when I started working at home. I only get to wear make-up when I leave the house, like church, or going to the mall, or meeting some people, which is kinda rare. Hehehe...
I miss my make-up stash. I will try to use them this coming week. *Keeping fingers crossed*
Day 12: Anything that Tickles Your Fancy
Yes! Izza Baby tickles my fancy! I told Honey, when the time comes that we'll have our own baby, I am hoping that our little angel would be like this adorable baby. She barely have tantrums and super duper easy to take care of. She's a little sunshine, a cheerful little girl and a very cute cherubim! She doesn't give me a tough time taking care of her. =)
Trivia: Her name "Deiza Mei" was from me. I chose it very well. So, when the time comes that i'll have my own baby, you can tell that I will be searching for names at a very early time!!! XD
Day 13: A Fictional Book
I finished reading the third installment of this series earlier this year and I have to say that I love it. I got the first two books as an exchange present in my first company's Christmas Party. My Honey got me the third book last year and I got to read it only on the early part of this year. If you are a fan of Mythology, you will love this story. In fact, I tried to browse online for a Myth similar to the "Daughters of Glass". When I have time, I will go to the library and make a thorough research on it. =D
Day 14: A Non-Fictional Book
As far as I can remember, I have not read any kind of novel that is based on real life, except for the History books that I had during my University days. The life of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, fascinated me. It seems to me that he was meant to be a hero. After reading about his adventures, I realized that, although he's a genius and known to be an intelligent man, he still has flaws, that make him human. =)
Life and history always make me curious... I always imagine myself living in the same scenario that I am reading about. I always wonder how life would be like in that time. I also wonder how it's like to be close to the people that I read and learn about. Gyah! I am such a curious cat! XD
Day 15: A Fanfic
For this one, since I don't like the fanfics that I read on, I asked Honey a random anime and decided to pick in that category.... Me: (Looking at a list in front of the computer screen) Jagi, give me a title of an anime.
Honey: (While working on his new toy) Baby, what are you up to?!? Are you looking up for... Oh my God... Don't tell me! O__O
Me: (Giving him a cold stare) You green minded guy! No, I'm looking for anything like that! Look! I AM UPDATING MY BLOG! Just give me a title.
Honey: (Looked back) What are you up to? Hmmm... you already know the answer.
Me: Yeah, yeah! Which series?
Honey: Wing.
If you're wondering what we're talking about, it's about the GUNDAM SERIES, friends! =D
Honey's own Gundam Wing Zero, guarding his station in our former office... =D
So, I browsed the Gundam Wing series on the site above and what immediately caught my attention was this fanfic entitled "Marry Me" (I know, wedding season for me. Please forgive me for bombarding you with wedding related stuff! =D)

A/N: This is a song fic of a very beautiful song by Train entitled, 'Marry Me'.

Note: It's nice to read it while listening to this song...

I super love this song now... =)

Marry Me

a 1xR fanfiction
by Ines Kanoyan
Chapter 1 - Recognition

I have always felt that strong connection with her. Even at that time when my existence was solely for the purpose of destruction and all other things were only identified as a distraction, there was no retraction. I have always known that emotions were barriers to effectivity and so I have learned to master them and use them to my advantage. But, she had brought about this new sensation, something so strong yet so unknown.

For someone so sheltered and protected, she is beyond courageous and determined. Never caring about what others would think of her but she would do everything for other people. Her faith never faltered and her trust never lingered. How can I beat that? How can I deserve something like that?

Yet when she is near, never have I felt lacking. The look in her eyes always communicated her unyielding belief and her unwavering faith. I always felt that I was enough even when I knew for a fact I was the least person fit for her.

And so, I did everything that I could to make myself enough for her. To fight for her as it was the only way I could think of. To fight not with fearlessness but with every doubt as to whether I could stay long enough to be with her.

I wanted to be with her. No matter how long it takes. No matter what it would take.

" Forever can never be long enough for me To feel like I've had long enough with you Forget the world now, we won't let them see But there's one thing left to do "

Just like our love story. ^__^

Fanfic taken from here. =)

There you have it! Day 08-15 of the challenge! I hope you can keep up with me guys. I am getting uberly busy these days because of the wedding but I'll try to give you a sneak peak of our weekly "achievements". =D
Please stay tuned!
PS: Leave some love. Please leave me a comment! ^__^
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