Thursday, April 07, 2011

30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 06-07

Sorry, I was so sick yesterday that I wasn't able to blog. Plus, my schedule was really jam-packed! Imagine sitting and teaching from 3pm to 10pm straight! Then I had another class at 11pm but the student was absent. TT_TT
Anyway, let's move quickly to the challenge! ^__^
Day 06: Anything that Tickles Your Fancy
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I was browsing the web today and I saw these cute fortune cookies... True enough, Marriage will let me annoy the most special man in my life. Hahaha! So, be ready, Honey! Because I'll torture you! Hahaha! And after that, I will shower you with my l♥ve! ^__^
As of now, I still don't know what's the secret to a happy marriage. I'll see what the above message mean... =D
Day 07: A Photo that Makes You Happy
You might be wondering what this is. You might say, it's just a big, ordinary bag. But hey! Inside it, lies my wedding gown as well as my entourage's fabric... =) Every time I see it, although it's not sewn yet, I am still giddy because my dream wedding is coming true... I am hoping it'll be as perfect as it should be... =)
***Sorry for the late post, I am extremely doing my best to update my blog but my body doesn't cooperate at times... I hope you understand... and, if there is still someone out there reading my blog, please, encourage me to continue writing... =)
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