Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Hair? HOTD 090111

Weee!!! It's the first day of September!

Just 4 weeks and a day more!


That's a total of 29 days!

On the 30th, I'll be marrying my prince. =)

The nearer it comes, the more excited and sleepless I get! Hahaha!!!

Anyway, I missed blogging so much. I got lot of things to tend to that the things that I wanna blog about are all just stuck in my head... Gyah! TMI?!! Overload of ideas?!? Hahaha!!!

Don't worry, as soon as I get some free time, I'll be posting stuff for you loyal readers out there. =)

Today, what inspired me to blog is my new hair.

Check it out!!! =D

What do you think?

Maybe you're thinking, "Oh Gosh! It's less than a month and she had her hair cut short?!?"

Well, well, well... You're wrong! I didn't cut my hair! It a  faux bob. I just thought of doing so because I wanna try something new with my hair... haha!

I'll be making a schedule for a specific post so I could keep my blog as well as my readers. I'll include a tutorial of this look if you like to. =)

Keep the love coming, hunnies! Please leave a comment or two! ^__^

Happy First Day of September, beauties!!!


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wickeRmoss said...

di ko kinaya ung ribbon! kyoootie !!:)) IMY!

angelamhiere said...

Ahahaha!!! Thanks, Charles! I am loving bows now... hehehe... I miss you tons!!!

Pinaywriter said...

wait! So old picture ito?

angelamhiere said...

Nope, Sam. It's a new one. The latest. Don't worry, I didn't chop my hair off. I just tried doing the faux bob... hehehe... reminded me of my old hairstyles! =D

ChinaDoll said...

parang kang maliit na bata pag short hair mo and the bow is really cute! :)

angelamhiere said...

Ahahaha!!! not really! Thanks, anyway! Hahaha!!! ^__^

A lot of people panicked when they saw my pic... they worried because they knew that my wedding is drawing near, and they kept on asking me about the hairstyle I'll do with my "short" hair... hahaha!

ChinaDoll said...

Sis I forgot to tell you, I have an award for you. You can check it here:

Enjoy sis!

Marie said...

Faux bobs are fun.:D

Happy September!:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

even though it's a faux bob it really suits you! lucky gal :)

angelamhiere said...

Hi Nic-Nic! Thanks! I've had enough of the bob when I was in high school... haha! =D

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