Thursday, September 13, 2012

NYC City Proof Lip Gloss Review

You know how much I loved joining giveaways, right?

Long before I started my “Just Got Lucky Series” posts, I won an NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain from Tammy of Not A Rich Girl. Unfortunately, the one she sent me got lost in the mail… So, she was kind enough to send me another one and she added another product to make it up to me (which, I think, isn’t really necessary). =)

Today, I shall be reviewing NYC City Proof Lip Gloss in Everlasting Blossom, which she included with my lip stain.

What it claims...
Need a gloss that lasts as long as you do? Meet NYC’s new Up to 8HR City Proof Gloss. Its incredible formula offers high-shine and rich color with no sticky feel and serious staying power: up to 8 hours of wear! It also smoothens and conditions with kokum butter, jojoba oil and a host of good-for-you antioxidants.
So just gloss and go!

Now let’s put it to a test… =D

In between coffee breaks...

Still intact... =)

I love the way it looked here... It made my pigmented lips look lighter. =)

Uh-oh... The magic is starting to fade...


Gone! But it moisturized my lips and left my puckers looking lighter in appearance. =)

What I love about it...
  • It smells nice. It smells citrus-y that it makes me energized while wearing it.
  • The color is pretty. It is a pearly pink shade with micro-glitters that looks so elegant.
  • The doe-foot applicator is slim, unlike the usual lip gloss wands that I’ve had before. It is also soft and stayed soft after a few uses! =)
  • It really feels moisturizing. You can tell by the look of my lips on the photos.
  • Contained ingredients that made my lips soft and condition after it has faded.
  • It stays true to its “high shine” claim. Really glossy! ^__^

What I don't love about it...
  • Although it says from the site that it is not sticky, ironically, it is, sticky. Just swatching it on my hand already gave the sticky feeling.
  • It didn’t last me for 8 hours. I only had a cup of coffee on my first hour of testing it. I thought it will last, since it stayed glossy after my coffee break. Before lunch time came (after only a couple of hours), it started to fade. =(
  • It said in the site that it "gives full coverage in one stroke".
  • "High intensity color"? Nah...It is so sheer when applied. -__-

Price and Where to buy:
As for the price and where to buy, I can’t give a direct answer as it was sent to me all the way from the United States.
Whom would I recommend this to?
This is good for people who love shiny and glossy lips, and for people who love layering lip products. However, this is not for people who doesn’t like reapplying lip glosses from time to time. =(

2.5 out of 5
  • This product is good for topping a lipstick that lacks shine and luster.
  • Re-applying is needed for this lip product.

Overall, if this would be available in the Philippines, I won’t repurchase it. There are many lip products out there which are more long lasting than this one. For a woman that talks for a living (being a teacher), it would be a hassle to reapply a product like this from time to time.

Next time you encounter this lip gloss, you already know what to expect! =D

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Hazel☺ said...

it's soooo glossy!! :D

angelamhiere said...

Yep! It is sooooo glossy! Hahaha!!! =D

It's like "kumain ka ba ng lechon" moment... wahahaha!!! XD

Chrissy said...

Super shiny! Tindi! Really makes you look like you ate a lot of lechon!

angelamhiere said...

Agree! Super glossy but didn't last as long as 8 hours. Good thing, it left me with conditioned lips when it faded. =D

Mel Hon said...

Hi!nice blog here! i believe this is super sticky as well. :D
I have giveaways on my blog and maybe you can check it out!


angelamhiere said...

I agree! It is, super sticky! =D

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