Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Touch Me! Touch Me!

Last week, I sort of announced that we have our prenup shoot scheduled last Sunday, August 7th. But due to the awful weather that happened the evening till dawn of that day, we checked if we can still continue with the shoot. Saturday night, it's still rainy and the wedding coordinator told us that if by 5:00am the weather is still the same, we would have to postpone the prenup shoot and reschedule it.

Come 5am the next day, it was still drizzling. The wedding coordinator sent us a message that we would resched the said shoot.

As you can remember from my post last week (read here), I had my nails done and wore a very neon pink with a hint of purple shade. The morning of Saturday, my mom-in-law (to be) noticed my cute nails but thought that it would be too bright for the shoot. Actually, I was really thinking of changing the color, since I would have to wear formal clothes. So, in the evening, after church, I hurried to the local salon (again) had a foot spa and a quick mani. Teehee! Two days in a row! Wow! While she was removing my polish, she gave me the box of polish so I could choose. In fact, I already know what shade I'm going for. I am going nude! Hahaha!

NOTW (Nail of the Week): Caronia's A Touch of Tan
Picture looks crisp? I used my sister-in-law (to be)'s camera... =D

I'd be probably wearing this till Saturday. Then, I'll have my nails done (again) in the same shade so that they'll look fresh in the photos. =D

I would be making a clothing haul soon... Maybe before the shoot. I forgot to mention that we went a little clothes shopping and found some fab finds in MEG SM San Lazaro and Divisoria's 168 Mall! =D

I have so much to update with you guys, but my internet connection is crappy now - so crappy that some of my students complain about the quality of my connection. TT__TT

Till then! I'd try to update more often... ^__~

My Facebook status says:

09 days to my birthday... 51 days to frever...


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Kim's Vanity said...

Can't wait for all your updates! That nail polish color is nice, too=)
happy early Birthday in 9 days!

Pinaywriter said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I need to exercise for your wedding. T_T Sept 5 pa ako pwede magstart sana hindi maulan ng weeks before your wedding.

angelamhiere said...

@Kim: Thanks! I saw your wedding pics and they're so beautiful! It made me all the more excited for my own wedding! Thanks for the birthday wishes, too, hun! ^__^

@Sam: Ahahaha! Go, go, go!!! i do hope ndi nga maulan that day! ^__^

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