Friday, August 05, 2011

NOTD(s): Oh Cabana Boy!!! (Swatch and Mini Review)

The coming days would be very busy for me and the fiance and the family...

Earlier this morning, I was scouring my cabinet for clothes that I could wear for the prenup shoot this coming Sunday. I was having some difficulties picking up what to wear, as I only have a few clothes. I rarely go shopping. This prenup shoot made me realize that I should go out and treat myself with my basic necessities! =D

Things to do this weekend is already scheduled, and I really made it a point to get my nails done before the shoot. So, I decided to go to the nearest salon, which is only a couple of minutes away from our house.

I brought along with me the Orly nail polish I got from Orly USA. Actually, I won this in one of Orly UK's  (then "@InstantArtist") Twitter contests. As far as I can remember, it was when I retweeted their status asking for new/more followers. Their Twitter account was still new, then. I sent them my shipping details and never heard back for a couple of months. I actually have almost forgotten about it but when I saw their tweets about the same scheme (of retweeting the message to gain more followers), I suddenly remembered my prize. So, instead of sending them a direct message, I tweeted them asking about the reply. Someone replied to me and asked me to check my DM inbox and they told me that they never received any shipping address from me. So, I had to resend my shipping address. A few days later, they told me that they cannot ship me my prize because they only send the prize around UK. Then, they told me that they'll contact someone from Orly Philippines so that they can give me my prize. I was actually not that interested anymore, but they told me that Orly USA will be shipping me my prize. As soon as I got the teeny box with the mani mini with it last June, I quickly sent Orly UK that I got the lovely thing. =)

♥♥♥ Mini-Review ♥♥♥

It's a lovely neon pink with shimmers and a flash of purple... It shouts "c-u-t-e"!!! ^__^

It's a little runny and liquid-y when applied, but two coats is enough to give you that pretty pink-purple pop of color... ^__^

When it's (almost) dry, the texture seemed a little matte, but since I'll count two more days before the shoot, I really opted to wear it with a clear topcoat to make it last longer (which I think will really do because I have this notion that high end polishes like Orly lasts longer than local polishes. Note: It's my first time to use an Orly polish.).

It dried quickly! A big plus for me because I had little time left to prepare for my next class. =D

♥♥♥ Overall ♥♥♥

I'll give it 5 out of 5 stars!


Pardon the bare face... Hiding my new zit with the tiny, cute bottle of joy! =D

 Mwuah! I love you, oh cabana boy!!! =D

Oh my! The wedding is in 56 days! Wow! Days are running fast and there's still so much to do!!!

My Facebook status says:

14 days to my birthday... 56 days to frever...


See you around!

 - ᴥ -

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sugar sugar said...

cute! this is such a girly shade sis. :)

angelamhiere said...

@Unnie Sugar: Yes! it's actually neon in real life... i thought it won't be wearable but when I had it on already... I can't stop myself from ogling my own nails! hahaha!

psychedelicme said...

i love the color! :) new follower here! :)

hope you could follow my blog too :)

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