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Skin Update: May-Present

Hi there! Everybody knows that I am working my way in prepping myself for the big day...

However, looks like stress, lack of sleep and use of some products took a toll on me starting the previous month... I am now becoming paranoid on how to keep my skin look perfectly flawless on my wedding day... It's gonna be exactly 66 days before my wedding... Yeah, there's still time, but I can't help but worry (which adds more stress on my part)...

My Church FOTD way back in January 30th this year...
No Make-Up... Just powder and lipgloss... I super love it...

This was after church... lippie has faded... =D

See how clear my skin was a few months ago? TT__TT

My skin care regimen during that time was only Kojie-San Kojic Soap/Etude House Green Tea Cleansing Foam/Dove Beauty Bar (I alternate them)

Then I use my Garnier Eye Roll-on, slather on a layer of Garnier Light Moisturizing Cream and also put on some Pure Beauty Bon Voyage Essential Eye Cream after washing my face.

After a couple of months, my skin started to break out. I guess it was because of the insect bites and the monthly "magic days". As far as I can recall, this year was so far the worst of my womanhood history... I broke out real bad plus it gave me terrible head to toe pain. TT__TT

FOTD 031711 (Day 1): I started having some zits... TT__TT

I think it's because of my period. Good thing it didn't last that long. =D


FOTD 032311 (Day 6): The zits dried up and 80% healed... 

FOTD 032911 (Day 12): The zits have healed and on the marks are on the process of being "erased". 

FOTD 032911 (Day 12):  With Purederm BB Cream + Powder + Lipstick...


FOTD 041411: Make-Up Free Face (Again)

I was able to treat some of the zits that occurred prior to this time, and as you can see, there were still some acne marks on my right cheek nevertheless, the above condition is much better.

FOTD 041711: During my trip to House of Obagi... to pick up my prize.

As you can see, my skin got better here. I prefer this better than now...

Month of May: The Merry Month of Breakouts for Me

May 2011: The month when shiny sebum and nasty acne made a staycaytion on my face.

On the first three months of using Kojie-San, my skin was soft, smooth and blemish-free, well, except for times that a zit would pop out because of my period. I also noticed that my acne scars disappear fast. Talk about scars, I've got a lot of them, and I have one on my left cheekbone. It miraculously have lightened! Kojie-San worked wonders for me! 

FOTD 050511: Posing with my House of Obagi goodies...

The beginning of a new experiment...

Kojie-San Kojic Soap
Etude House Peach Tea Foam Cleanser
House of Obagi Cleanser
Ardent Moringa 02 Beauty Bar

Note: I didn't use all of these products at the same time, I alternated using them. Teehee! =D

House of Obagi Cleanser and Toner

Garnier Light Whiten and Protect Moisturizing Cream

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On
Purederm Bon Voyage Essential Eye Cream

 Well, until these nasty ones showed up...

FOTD 052011: Bumpy ride! TT__TT

Bumps appeared all of a sudden and I thought they were just plain insect bites. The bumps were fleshy and
they were tender. They were ouchy! TT__TT

FOTD 052611: Going to church

Here, I only had Garnier Light Whiten and Protect Moisturizing Cream, Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On and Purederm Bon Voyage Essential Eye Cream, plus a swipe of my Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Moisture Plump Lipbalm, Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick in It's Your Mauve topped with Fanny Serrano Liquid Lipstick in Light Petal.

Goodness I already started going out without any trace of make-up! Twas this month was called my "Make-up Diet month"...

FOTD 052811: A little more...

As you can see, the only smooth and blemish-free part of my face is my forehead and my (well, slight!) right cheek.

FOTD 053111: Almost gone...

Sorry for the brows and pigmented lips, I am in the process of growing my brows to have them done professionally in preparation for my big day. As for the lips, I am still wondering how to lighten them...

Anyway, I was at the brink of rejoicing while looking at these photos... The spots are almost gone but the bumps are still there, like I previously described them, they're like insect-bites.

FOTD 060911: They're back!!!!! TT__TT

The all of a sudden, they started protruding again and started to redden again... Grrrr!!!

Gross as it may seem, but last weekend, the bumps started to have some pus - yellow spots in the middle of the bump. But I noticed that the insect bite-like bumps had gotten a little smaller.

I wasn't able to take some pics, our phones are giving up on us. I usually use my Sony Ericsson P990i in taking pics of stuff. Honey's E71 and Sony Ericsson W580 both got broken too. TT__TT

I took a chance and used my webcam instead.

Here's my face yesterday.

FOTD 061311: After consecutive classes

Well, that's it for my skin update... I hope it gets a lot better these days.

I therefore conclude that the possible culprits for these pimples and bumps are:



Lack of Sleep

Heat (makes the face oily)

Monthly coming and not coming of the magic days (period)... (I've got PCOS, which makes the condition worse...)

Insect bites

It took me too long to publish this post, as I gathered the pictures from the previous months. In fact, what I was documenting was the improvement of my skin using Kojie-San Kojic Soap. However, I noticed that the acne on my face keep coming back. 


just like what Ms. Nikki of AskMeWhats and Ms. Michelle of MyMom-Friday had advised me to do. Take it from lovely brides! ^__~

I will try my best to stay cool these coming days... besides, these zits-cum-bumps better go away so I can practice on my bridal make-up! =D

Stayed tuned, pretties! ^__^

Any tips? Just leave them down in the comments box! ^__^

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Maeve Rachel said...

I hope your skin gets better! I don't really know how to prevent them but I find a good toner will help balance your skin's ph level and should help prevent them getting too bad and if they are really bad I put Savlon on them which will help dry them out faster and should make them disappear a bit quicker too! You can get more expensive alternatives too =)

angelamhiere said...

Thanks a lot for the advice. My friend told me I need to have cleaning to declog/detox my pores and if ever, a peel... I will give it a try this weekend. The condition is a little better but I wanna make sure my skin would be a lot better on my wedding day... =)

ChinaDoll said...

Yeah, peeling works great for pimple marks but ask your derma first. Try drinking lots of water it helps and avoid salty foods too, salt makes pimple marks or any other scars appear dark. I hope by now your skin is getting better. Don't worry dear, it will all clear up on your wedding day.

♥hugs and be safe♥

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! =)

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