Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to Basics

I made a post about how my skin had a drastic change from May until present.

A couple of zits popped up again and they were at the same side. I wonder what's with my left cheek that they keep coming back to that side...? hmmm... No, I don't rest my hands on my left cheek, they just surface and appear like insect bites! TT__TT

So, I decided to go back to the basics...

Yep! Dove Beauty Bar!

After a couple of months of going on a make-up diet (on which I confess, there were a number of times that I can't resist putting on make-up - special occasions, to name a few: SKP Graduation, movie date(s) with Honey and college friend's bday), I reduced using some products on my face.

I skipped the tone and moisturize rule. Long ago, all I usually do to my face was cleanse it. Back then, my face was smooth, pimples would appear sometimes, but not this worse. My office mates then envy my clear face. So, I wouldn't be surprised if our college friend (which became our office mate, too) noticed the spots on my left cheek when we met on her birthday. That made me decide on going back to my old and ONLY routine: WASHING MY FACE WITH DOVE BEAUTY BAR!

After her birthday, two more small zits appeared - same as the previous two - firm, fleshy and a little painful. What's good about it was it didn't last for too long. As of now, all I have to take care of are the marks left by the terrible pimple marks.

Before my class. Yeah. I don't wear make-up now. I'm so horrible!!! TT__TT

Even after my face has cleared up already, I will still go to the dermatologist and have my face checked, cleaned and peeled, if necessary. Which made me curious... Does peeling hurt? =D

By the way, the wedding was moved. September 23. Duh! I hate it! Maybe that's why the last two zits appeared! Hahahahuhuhu... Me is getting crazy! Grrr!!!

2 months, 4 weeks, 2 days to go... hayzt!

Next mission: Clearing up the marks! Aja! =D

Wish me luck!

Sorry for torturing you with my horrible face pics this month... I promise, when it's all cleared up, I will start practicing on my make-up looks! I will make it up to you! =D

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ChinaDoll said...

I used to have the same problem, as for me naman I always get pimples on my cheek's right side, then I went to my derma and she told me na pag ganun daw paulit ulit sa same area, it means yung pimple before hindi talaga sya nag heal and may naiwan lang sa loob and in some cases kumakalat pa nga sa same area daw which is harder to treat. Her advise is if you have a pimple try not to touch it or scratch it because it will cause the pimple to get irritated and if that happens lalong lalalim daw yung roots nya and it will be much harder to treat and will really take time.

As for the marks, don't worry you have enough time and ma aalis din yan :)


angelamhiere said...

Ahhh... baka nga... Thanks! =)

*MrsMartinez* said...

Something you have used have caused your pimples. If I were you, I would stop everything that I am using. Clean Slate. Give your skin a 2 week rest from all the products. When your skin starts clearing up, you can go back to basic which is simple soap and water. I use Dove/Celeteque alternately. When I feel my skin is really getting worse, I wash with cold fresh milk (once only). You wil feel that your skin is tighter and soft to touch.
I hope this helps!


angelamhiere said...

Thanks! I can't believe you dropped by my blog! =D

I have not been using products on my face for almost a month na (In fact, I have not used make-up and other products for almost 2months - well, except po nung nagmeet tayo... teehee!). It's getting a bit better na po, but like what Ms. Sophie suggested, I will visit the derma this coming month. =)

Grabe! nanlaki mata ko nung nagcomment po kayo!!! =D

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