Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Back to Childhood Days...

Earlier (Actually, that was since last week... and then I got very sick and I when I got better, the lazy bug bit me and that's about it!), I was thinking of doing a tutorial on my simple everyday make-up Gyaru-style. I didn't have the time to do so because after I have ironed and fixed my hair into cute pigtails, I thought of doing it after my class, after which, I have an hour break.
Now, What happened???
Honey came home I was actually annoyed at him screaming my name all over again. It is so annoying because he knew that I have just finished my class that time. The annoyed me immediately went down after I have finished fixing my templates and reports. And there he was, with his nasty cigar smell, pointing at the table. Guess what is it... Kimbap from Kaya Restaurant! Yippee!!! I gave some to his brother and uncle but they just tried them. I ate the rest. I should be happy but I was quite disappointed with it. The last time I took home kimbap from that same restaurant, everyone was satisfied. I can't even put one slice in my mouth. But now, the slices had become thinner and the taste was rather bland. I think Honey thought I was joking that it didn't taste good. I am serious. It really didn't. I didn't finish all of them because they were yummy, but I finished all of them because I am just plain H-U-N-G-R-Y! Better read that word. XD I love kimbap so much that I know how delicious kimbap taste like.
Kaya Restaurant's Kimbap
So, out of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, I'd give it a bad ♥♥♥♥. ='''( So, that was the reason why I wasn't able to film a tutorial. Gosh... When will I ever get things done? ='''( I still have almost one and a half hour to film a tutorial. What do you think? Nah! Maybe I should do it tomorrow morning. =D With regards to my hair for today, one of my students found it cute. Hehehe... That's it for tonight! Hope for another post later! ^__~
FOTD: Like a little child's glow... =D
Kimchi! ^__^
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ChinaDoll said...

i'm waiting for your tutorial sis! hahaha...it's really good to be back! i missed blogging and reading blogs and leaving comments =) hay..i'm such a lousy blogger talaga! hihihi

Twinn said...

I love sushi yummy sorry yours tasted "blah"lol

dblchin (double chin) said...

sushi looks nice!!! Totally~ Yumms

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