Sunday, August 22, 2010

In a Daze of Confusion

I'm completely confused over things now.
I have been ranting about my current job condition for almost half of year 2010. A lot of ridiculous changes took place and many people had been complaining about it already. Had it not because of the job that we have for the moment, others would not stay. Others have kids and families to support and feed, and are very anxious to make another step. Practicality, as we all say.
The work condition has gone far from worse, which, in turn, made me come to a decision. When I say worse, what I mean is, I almost have no time to eat, no time to go pee and all sorts of stuff that are risky for my not-so-good health. I am getting tired of the routine, and the people that I work with are now irritating, compared to the past. I do love my job. It is my life. But how can I survive if the "life" that I'm living for would eventually kill the living life out of me. Got the point? So, I decided to be an office-girl to a home-based girl. I haven't started yet, but I will soon. I have been interviewed this morning and the owner of the company likes me that he wanted me to start immediately.
Our friend, who works for the same company as the manager (and was our officemate and trainee of my fiance), informed me about impending risks, since some students wanted to have sample classes with me on Monday. Problem is, I haven't passed a resignation letter yet. Also, I just can't leave without saying goodbye to my students. I dearly love them so much.
I am now confused because I don't know if I really made the right decision. I am still anxious because Honey hasn't found a new job yet. If I wait for another two weeks (two weeks notice/resignation effectivity), I might miss the chance to get my own students and not earn that much (the owner said "more students, more money). I am worried now. I am worried because if we don't earn enough, we might not get enough funds for our wedding. =(
I wish I really made the right decision. I wish Honey could easily get a job. If not, our wedding would have to be postponed again.
I hope my current students go with me to my new company so we can continue the bond that we had.... I also hope that this decision is right, that it would help me become more productive. God help me....
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Rachel said...

Oh I hope everything works out perfectly for you! Things can be a struggle sometimes but remember that the things you stress over are usually worth the fight in the end! They wouldn't bother you so much if they weren't important enough to you!

I wish you the best with your current situation and hope everything falls into place swiftly =)

~May the most you wish for be the least you get~

Anonymous said...

I hope he can get a job as well. T_T Precious talent and experience going to waste. Tell him to try GoFluent. ^_^

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