Monday, August 02, 2010

Back from the Last Hurrah

First Monday of August.
Gotta start fresh.
I am still a bit tired and sleepy from our outing yesterday. We only took an hour of sleep in our friend's place when we got back to Manila. Although I slept a lot last night, I still feel tired. I'm on my third day of my "Magic Days".
Honey and Me... ^__^
The place was kinda homey. When I first entered the kitchen and bathroom, it smelled like my grandfather's old house in Sta. Mesa. It looks kinda old but safe enough to leave our stuff like our laptops and cell phones around. =)
My bare face... I look so darn pale... No Make-up + sick = UBER PALE!
Eros and Hyun-Ae... Eros is Sam's laptop. Hyun-Ae is mine. ^__^
Me and the Girls
At lunch, resident cook Ate Anne prepared a dish of delicious Pork Sinigang. They also fried some fresh tilapia. The lunch was so heavenly! I wanted to eat more but I was not feeling good. This phase irks my appetite. Ate Anne knew and noticed that I wasn't feeling good and checked if I got the medicine in her purse. I said yes. and took it just before lunch. =)
The Pork Sinigang Girls
After eating lunch, the people immediately fixed the table and washed the dishes. Some, like me, jumped into the pool. I was careful not to diffuse red stuff everywhere! Hahaha!
Sam said I looked like a doll... A pale-faced doll, in my opinion! Hahaha!
Before jumping to the pool... Hehehe...
Me and Hyun-Ae, blogging and checking if Ms. Kim, our former Vice President is online...
Video Stills... looked as if Honey made me cry... I just fell from a piggyback! Hahaha!
Two friends arrived around three in the afternoon. =)
Me and Lana
The Jochspike Loveteam... in real life! ^__^
Stolen shots of the Tweetarts... So cute couple!
E-Lamp Boys... Spike! Look!
It was so fun. In the afternoon, the pool was turned into a swimming school... Big Mark and my Honey turned into swimming instructors. Imagine, from English Teachers cum Trainers to Swimming Instructors. Pretty versatile, eh? Hahaha!
They also became cooks! Big Mark, Honey and Cherrie's hubby helped in preparing and grilling the fishies. Boys barbecued yummy marinated pork! Talk about Cherrie's hubby, he's cool! I'm not sure if it's the first time everyone met him but he was very nice to and open to everyone. We all like him. ^__^
Honey holding the pork
At dinnertime, everyone loved the pork barbecue, milkfish and tilapia. How I wished it'll always be like that fun!
I took a bath and changed to dry clothes right away after eating dinner. Some had strawberry vodka but I decided to doze off because I wasn't really feeling well. I also have to go to work today, remembering that I've got lots of students this month.
At around 11:30 PM, I woke up to the sound of my funny recording for Yo, Bo!. I got off bed and sat beside Sam, who was uploading some of the pics she had taken in the afternoon. I wanted to go online and prepare my comments for today's classes but I was tired and sick to do so. I went back to bed while honey started preparing the things he will use for his special macaroni soup. ^__^
I don't know what time it was but he tried to wake me up so I could have some soup. I told him "later". Later on, Big Mark was waking everybody so we could eat, pack and prepare for our journey back to reality, er, Manila. =D
We were supposed to go straight to the office but we thought it was too early. We dropped off at Ate Anne's place and immediately fell asleep for an hour. She woke us up because the Manong Henry had to open the office at 10:00. We had breakfast part 2 and prepared to go to work.
On our way to work, I asked, "Can I NOT go to work today?". I feel so tired, sleepy and slightly depressed with all the changes happening around me. Instead, they encouraged me to stay patient and just think of myself lucky because I still have a job for a month. *Stop.* *Will not rant on this wonderful post.*
I'm happy to start my Birthday month with these friends. =)
Hope there's part two. ^__^


Anonymous said...

There will be. Add Peteza better not be sick then.

angelamhiere said...

Yeah... I was telling some people it was quite unfair to have no party on my first birthday here in E-Lamp and no party again on my second (and probably the last) birthday here... ='''(

So sad... I've got less friends here now... =(

Rachel said...

This looks like so much fun! I hope there will be a part two also! =)

coffretgorge said...

glad you had a lot of fun angela! :)

thank you for your sweet comment on my ekilove... post! :)

Carrie said...

it really looks like you guys had the best time. Such a good way to spend some time with your friends!

i am now your newest follower. Come and check out my blog. and maybe follow me too? thank you!


angelamhiere said...

@Carrie: Welcome to my blog!!! ^__^

Sorry for the lack of posts, guys. I've got lots of things to blog about but I'm so stressed at work now. See you all soon! ^__^

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