Monday, November 06, 2017

Starting Anew

And now, I'M starting over again... it's not the easiest thing to do...

Kinanta mo, noh? (You sang it, right?)

But yeah, here I am... starting again. I was thinking of starting a new blog... a new platform... back to zero. As in Z-E-R-O. Good thing, Ms. Martha, a.k.a The Beauty Junkee, gave me a sound advice to keep this baby blog of mine. And so, I will.

I realized that I must do something to keep me sane from all the mommy-wifey-teacher duties. Grabe!!! I am super burned out!

I'll be writing again. I'll be sharing again all of my adventures on a day-to-day basis. I will do my very best to write even a short post at the end of the day. Parang Julie and Julia lang! 

Julie and Julia Trailer

I hope to keep this up. Also, I hope you'll stay with me as you did since day 1 of this blog. Comments keep me going, so please be generous! Hehehe... And yeah, I need to fix some elements here... :D

Dami kong chika! Abangan!!! (I got lots of stories! Soon!!!) ^__^

This is Mrs. Manalata, saying "Good morning!"
I need to wake up early later, AM classes, you know! Haha! Mwuah! ^_~


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