Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogger No More

I've been gone for too long... a lot of things have been going through my head... Not that I am abandoning this blog, but, I guess, I lost touch of writing and expressing myself through writing and make-up. I want to continue running this blog but lately, I've been feeling so sick.

But, but, but... the make up inspirations that I see on my Facebook newsfeed is starting to tickle my imagination. It makes me want to play with my palettes!

I admire my favorite bloggers... They can keep up with blogging while they also go through their daily routines. I wish to have the same dedication so I could keep up with blogging.

Can anyone help me bring back my blogging mojo? I have so much to share, but when I try to face my computer to blog, I either get a writer's block, or other ideas would pop into my head.

My friend once said, "Do not lose touch of what you like doing. Continue living your dream and passion. It will keep you going and avoid you from getting burnt out."

I want to. I really do. Can someone inspire me? I can't even call myself a blogger any longer.

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Hi Angel! That happened to me too. I think I stopped blogging for about 4-6 months a couple of years ago. But while I was so stressed in school, I began doing crazy makeup looks for a regular day in class just so I can have a little fun and thought, why not take pics and blog again? And so, I revived the blog. Maybe use your frustrations as inspirations like I did? It does take time but I hope you get your mojo soon. Maybe you can come by my place and let's do a makeover and a joint post together! :D

angelamhiere said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks for the encouragement! I guess creating and getting in touch with my artistic side through make up will help big time. This past week, I've been wearing make up again. I realized, I've been taking too much selcas that I have to make posts about these pictures.

Thanks for the lovely offer. I am considering that too! ^_^

Thanks again fot the encouragement! It made me feel very special in the blogging world! <3 <3 <3


You're very welcome! :D Hope to read your posts soon! :D

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