Monday, July 18, 2011

2NE1 and Life/Wedding Updates

Another video to look forward to from 2NE1...

Is it just me being hooked to 2NE1 or other girl groups are just busy...?

Anyway... Enjoy the video! ^__^

If you're wondering why I made another week-long hiatus AGAIN, I am busy with some wedding stuff. I hope you stay with me till my big day!

Note: This week's gonna be SOOO busy for me than usual. I got lots of classes plus I have to work on some wedding stuff. Please bear with me. Please don't hit the unfollow button. Please keep me happy!!! ^__^

I'm actually kinda depressed now. Okay, I'll stop there, don't wanna recall how stressed am I with the preps.

Whew! -__-

Hopefully, I could make some bridal make-up looks this week. Please keep your fingers crossed that I get some extra time to do that. I need your help so, I'll probably make a poll on it. =D

See you all around!

P.S: Make me smile, please, please leave me a comment below... =D

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sugar sugar said...

have a great week sis and goodluck with everything! :)

angelamhiere said...

Thanks sis! Actually, I think I am the only one stressed here. As in. I am at the brink of giving up. Hayzt... TT__TT

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