Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bridal Make-up Dilemma

I shall be doing my own bridal make-up.


We are trying to be practical. Cost-cutting. Plus my mom-in-law (to be) prefers how I put on my make-up.

I am very worried.

It is a big deal for me because bridal and photography make-up is way too different than regular day-to-day make-up.

I'm happy to hear my future mom-in-law as well as their relatives give good comments on how I do make-up on myself and other people (as I usually do my sister-in-law (to be)'s make-up for various events, but I worry that I won't do well on my wedding day. I want to be pampered as much as I want, but I was convinced by the idea that my make-up style is safer than by being done by someone else. Not that I don't trust their skills, it's just that they tell me that I already know my face that much so there's little chance for me to commit boo-boos.

Honestly, I was also drawn in by the idea of ...

"Instead on spending thousands for a make-up artist and you can only wear the make-up for a day, why don't you just buy the things that you need and do it yourself? You are talented and you already know your face very well. Besides, after the event, you can still use what you have bought, so there's no waste of money."

Teehee! Sorry make-up artists! My mom-in-law and her in-laws told me that. I was attracted to more make-up, too! Hahaha!

Lucky lady! I wish I could also be pampered the same way on my big day!

Last Saturday, my fiance's aunt and I had a trial. She did my hair and make-up. She was surprised that there are plenty of things to apply now, as compared to her time. She's a beautician but not that updated to the modern make-up artistry world. She still uses the old-fashioned way of make-up application - make-up basics only, if you know what I mean. After doing my hair and make-up, she told me to show her how I do my own make-up. They were impressed at how nicely I blended the colors (Sorry, I wasn't able to take a snapshot of it. Anyway, I'll be recreating it next time.). So, she decided to just do my hair and assist me on retouching my make-up.

Anyway, I better start practicing on how I'll do my make-up as I am still undecided to how I want it to be. I am clueless! =D

The Duchess of Cambridge did her Bridal Make-up herself... so will I.

And if Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was able to make herself look stunningly radiant on her big day, so can I!

Fighting, Teacher! Aja! ^__^

Any suggestions and comments, please feel free to do so!

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Marie said...

I think you'll do a good job doing your own makeup!:D

Keep us posted what products you'll be using.;D

***** Marie *****

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! Actually, I am playing up with colors now... teehee! ^__^

Don't worry, I am actually planning to post the stuff I bought... ^__~

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