Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guess the Wedding Theme

On this post, I'd give a hint of what our wedding theme would be... Can anyone guess what this is? Gotta start working on it... 6 months to go!!! Blog Signature2


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!~ Madali lang yang gawin. ^_^ Gogogo!~ Invited ako ha!!! Wait magpapapayat na talaga ako.

angelamhiere said...

Help naman sa Photoshop, Sam! I need a book!!!

Kaye Langit-Luistro said...

Hi Angel!
Love your blog!Lemme see, is it Beauty and the Beast?
I can see that you're also a Kpop fan. Do visit my blog sometime for some interesting entries on Rain and Ukiss.Thanks!More power!

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